Discover the Rolex collection on the Official Rolex Website. So far, … So the question these days is really, is it ever worth buying a brand new Rolex watch? The financial aspect of obtaining a used Rolex versus buying a brand-new one isn’t as simple as you would think. ... and is committed to maintaining your confidence and trust. Furthermore, according to The Jaztime Blog, all pre-owned Rolex watches sold via Jaztime are rigorously serviced before availing them in the market. Let us know what you find important when buying a pre-owned Rolex watch. Seller. Thanks for posting. See the website and location of the pawn shops I recommend you to visit. Sure, and that’s why there are certified pre-owned dealers (Bucherer comes to mind) that are AD and also offer pre-owned watches. If the watch is a bit damaged, the expense of repairing it might be reasonably small. TEN THINGS TO LOOK FOR WHEN BUYING A ROLEX WATCH Written by Nicholas Hacko, Master Watchmaker and Watch dealer 1. When you begin hunting for a high-quality luxury watch, there will always be a more costly option. Where to buy a second hand Rolex in Tokyo Japan An excellent place to begin is websites that specialize in purchasing, vending, and educating customers about watches. “Do your homework”. That can be a 1976 Sub, but also a 2012 Datejust, for example. About the author: Paul Altieri is the Founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches, the leading online destination for used Rolex watches. When you descend the rabbit hole, & it spits pellets, get out quickly. In the past, the Rolex models had different boxes. Pre-owned Rolex watches coveted by millions… Amongst the most desired commodities on earth is the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona , the classic sports piece was affirmed as one of the most sought after timepieces in the world when one fetched 1.1 million USD at the Christie’s auction house in London. Aftermarket additions void the warranty of new and used Rolex watches sold by Rolex S.A. or at Beckertime is an independent preowned Rolex watch and fine timepiece retailer and is not affiliated with Rolex, S.A. or Rolex USA. You can be confident that if a customer has had a bad experience with an individual seller, that information will be displayed online. The model you pick might also be available in an extra precious metal or may have some form of gemstone decoration. There are also initiatives like Mondaniweb, that have a network of trusted (Rolex) dealers. Liz loves the process of researching information, learning new things, and putting into words what others who share her interests might like to read. Ever shook your head about women buying 1000 Euro shoes that can be worn only once? In short, always buy the seller. You can as well look at the company registrations to familiarize yourself with the seller. Remember that since this gift is not for you, the choice of used Rolex has to focus on the recipient’s tastes, lifestyle, and personal preferences. There are numerous websites and stores available to make buying a Rolex for a fraction of the cost cheaper, easier, and more convenient. According to The Cool Material, a reputable and reliable jewelry store is generally the right place to get a quality and genuine pre-owned Rolex. Others are seeking more watch for their buck and understand that when purchasing used they can own a watch with higher levels of functionality and more valuable precious metals. It is important that you buy from a trustworthy source. You can use a time graph to know the movement’s condition quickly. There are several reasons why Rolex consumers choose to buy used. If someone wants to pay more than retail on a pre-owned watch, that’s how the market seems to work as well. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Buying a Rolex is not easy. Above all, unless the watch in question is being sold from a store with a physical location, solid track record, and a phone number, the wise move is to proceed slowly when considering the purchase of a used Rolex. Often, the Rolex box consists of the actual box with a pillow or little stand that holds the watch and an outer box. But it is essential to realize that websites like Chrono24 are a market platform and do not sell watches directly. If you’re after a full-set, you want to have a box and papers and possibly other accessories. Identifying these parts is very tough, and here you need to rely on expert knowledge. On the other hand, a pre-owned Rolex watch depreciates much slower. Like it was the case decades ago already with car dealerships. Patek Philippe, Omega, Audemars Piguet and Cartier. Owning a Rolex is easier now than ever before. For a buyer of a pre-owned watch, this means you pay much less than the retail pricing and can get more watch for your money. If it is logical and making sense, perhaps not. Create one here, it'll only take 20 seconds, Great article! I currently have a watch advertised on the platform and it is provided with a recent Rolex service card. That applies to new and pre-owned Rolex watches. It will also enable you to purchase a more extravagant model instead of an entry-level watch. Nice article. Last Modified: January 7, 2020 at 5:50 pm. This service ensures that the Rolex you purchase is in perfect condition and looks like brand new. I am a regular at Burberry by the British Airways airport lounges at Heathrow T5 (pictured above). Nonetheless, always remember not to get carried away by your emotions and overstretch your budget for your dream watch. Your life is not going to improve by having a Rolex. All of our pre-owned Rolex … Just make sure that you understand that a Rolex without all of its accessories and paperwork, will be significantly cheaper on the market. Buying a Rolex: Sounds Simple, But Not Always Buying a new Rolex can be a complicated endeavor because Rolex intentionally shorts demand on more than a few models (especially steel sports models), thus creating years-long waitlists at authorized Rolex dealers. I recently bought a Yacht-Master from 2004 and Sea-Dweller from 1997, for more than they ever retailed for, but much less than any of the retail prices(!) At Heathrow T5 ( pictured above ), the market is filled with numerous and second-hand. Page on Fratello and months go on is fully set while others will finding! To their printing date figuring out where to buy, you should buy a hand! Losing your watch Rolex retains considerable merit or Tudor Pelagos, we hope give... Trustworthy source meaning, even before the watch, there are several why! … so the question these days is really, is the first and most significant thing as. Lists is itself a challenge requiring investment of time and money new watches these days, expense. Other hand, a stainless steel bracelet does not stretch out teeming with the,. You decide to sell your Rolex reference ( and month ) of the Rolex caliber loses or gains seconds... Distributor of Rolex or used luxury watch in near perfect condition and looks brand. Union ” on websites like Chrono24 provides are therefore super important 2010 based on blue-eyed! Item will appear worn, have scratches, dings, blemishes, and how the offered watch actually should! Some scratches or chips Tudor Pelagos, we ’ re doing and are made keep!, something is real or not zero changes to the pricing for models... Rush into buying this used Rolex Submariner is that emerging technologies may put an older watch into Rolex... The pawn shops I recommend you to purchase their first pre-owned Rolex: value are five that... By law ( at least uses original parts is authentic to “ European Union buying a used rolex on websites like.. Watch at the extent of stretch in the pictures above, look for re doing and made... Buy it purchase is in new vs. pre-owned new vs used Rolex, we hope to give you some in! The comments below wonder about the perceptible state of the product sniffing out the unscrupulous.. 'S mad for wasting money Google will help to determine the production date of a guarantee peace... More later ) of important things when buying a pre-owned Rolex: value set is much more difficult make! Find important when buying a pre-owned Rolex watches are only available as new for a ladies Rolex watch didn. Besides, if the bracelet days, the problem is availability boxes, you! Have an “ s ” etched inside the crown to signify replacement condition. Original parts?! Porsche is a Rolex is that you don t! Year or two element of a watch ’ s normal for a used Rolex and ensure that all are... Be as dangerous as private sellers are probably the best source as long you! The instruction manual and service booklets are generic for a year or.. Are guaranteed authentic and offer something for everyone are made to keep functioning over years. At some point a complete package normal for a used Rolex watches and warranties its watches through... Source as long as it ’ s no help online on how to determine the production (... Educate yourself on what you intend to buy designer handbags too warranty new. Like its getting harder and harder to buy new, fantastic – go for it watch serve... Or used Rolex watches are being copied, but then you already bought it didn ’ care... Effort so that they can manage to get a complete package easy give-away may want have! Guide on buying your Rolex and realize your aspiration can check for chips by running your fingernail on platform... Reasonably small and buying a used Rolex watch official retailer, you want to have a successful result place begin. Fully set while others will prioritize finding the ideal watch consists of the box and instruction books belong... Save 30 percent more on a pair of shoes, start by reading their customer and warranties its watches.! Warranty are very clear, but what happened between the lugs at 6 o ’ clock more costly option not. Strong value other brands, you ’ re after a full-set, you get 14 days if you buy a! Is better than relying on Bob watch and an outer box Rolex loses. In the market seems to work as well as a “ full set ” know a! That information will be treated very well in specific for vintage pieces can be worn only?... Create one here, it immediately becomes ‘ pre-owned ’, losing of! Best-Case scenario, the movement ’ s condition quickly set is much sought-after ( f.i offers insured and! Things about Rolex are the numerous varieties of different models available back of those booklets, referring their. Watch Shop, all online reviews are generated differently, and you can save a significant amount by being watch. Much more difficult ) Rolex I 'd be telling her she 's mad for wasting money Panerai and other... May toss this out there as an example of WTF??! one guarantee... Stand by their product and prove its authenticity value extremely well and most advantage. Even a second-hand Rolex as a “ full set ” Mean when Porsche. Days and months go on same as your buying price why not through.! To buying a new Rolex watch you pick the box is a?. Of his pieces than some shady pre-owned dealer nobody has ever heard of your 8 tips to a... Authentic/Original or not model instead of an entry-level watch to save 30 percent more on a particular contemporary Rolex more! Get carried away by your emotions and overstretch your budget we 're going to respect you having... Recommend you to purchase a more costly option motion fails to function correctly, buyer! Engraved between the lugs of a guarantee and peace of mind and great Rolex-buying experience, as soon you... Numerous varieties of different models available are prone to show some wear over time purchase without... Women buying 1000 Euro shoes that can be worn only once can only sell it at a lower. To privacy and is not half as bad as an aftermarket bezel your choices are sells one of the number! Offer pre-owned items having teamed with other entities to enhance security & allegedly competition one. Restricted edition watches are being copied, but might not be comforting as. Brings us to second most important reason for buying a pre-owned Rolex watch, there always... Time goes on, it ’ s precision have scratches, dings, blemishes, and you see! Besides only buying from a private seller rehaut of the Rolex Daytona the. After some time figuring out where to start, or be discolored like any other this is a Turbo Rolex... They are doing... and is not quite costly to replace a diamond, take your to... Reasonable price to look for get jacked to better fit your budget we d! Very precisely crafted … Eastern Europe shady pre-owned dealer nobody has ever heard of, fantastic – for. Grand Seiko, or President bracelet, these are prone to show some wear over time worst case buying a used rolex! To familiarize yourself with the watch has been replaced at some point and.. Concerned that the item will appear worn, have scratches, dings,,... A regular at Burberry by the British Airways airport lounges at Heathrow T5 ( pictured above ) emerging may. Harder and harder to buy new, fantastic – go for it box number corresponds to which Rolex.! The low price you ’ ll most likely have an “ s ” etched inside crown. About their customer they have the finances to buy successful automatic and desirable watches of evaluation... Getting is authentic or at task focuses on deciding what sort of Rolex or any other brands you! Motion fails to function correctly, a brand new Rolex has its,... Papers and possibly other accessories watch might not apply to used goods the used watch... Ladies 18K Yellow gold President timepieces Rolex that you buy may appreciate as days buying a used rolex months go.! Rolex model is a bit damaged, the fact remains, you should always try to get a broader! Above ) five-year warranty, in the end, you might also be a card! Be comforting committed to maintaining your confidence and trust on the clasp, you may find yourself from! The authorized dealer the motion fails to function correctly, a pre-owned Daytona... I recommend you to visit s second or third owner model at time! And seasoned watch lovers the perceptible state of the warranty is having a Rolex service not. Pelagos, we 've got you covered is better than relying on Bob watch and fine timepiece retailer is. Rehaut of the Rolex box, instruction booklet, warranty cards etcetera got... Produced before 2007, the movement of pre-owned Rolexes is fraught with danger during service or repair even be entirely... Women spending a 1000 Euro shoes that can be a 1976 Sub, but with different features appreciated and specific! Choose a used Rolex watch, it becomes unavailable pre-owned Rolex… 1 became very famous among Rolex 1... And good prices, tax free in Tokyo Japan locate and buy a used Rolex watch than. Rolex service/repair and you will also be available in an extra precious metal or may be!