According to Turkish Airlines “Strollers for infant passengers can only be transported in the cargo hold. I am trying to figure out whether I can bring a painting that is 110 cm long but the three dimensions added together are a little bit more than 158 cm. Hi, I am flying from Islamabad to Manchester, I was wondering how much weight and bags am I allowed in total and exactly please? Hi my name is Mohammad Popal my flight is tomorrow morning Nov 18 from Dushanbe Airport to Canada with Turkish Airlines and I have one stop at Istanbul Int Airport. 24 hour booking and customer services. It seems that you may have been looking at the incorrect chart as there are two included in the post that give the prices for excess baggage. The same applies to the baggage size question. All Other International Journeys Work on a Weight Allowance (No Restrictions on Number of Pieces). Turkish Airlines 777-300ER business class. It mentions on the Turkish airlines’ website that I am allowed to bring 30kg baggage. I’m traveling economy with Turkish Airlines from Miami to Istanbul, and same Turkish Airlines to Philippines. Do I really have to pay for my luggage? If you are flying business class then yes, you should be permitted to bring 2 bags that are 15 kgs each. And by the way, that 1 checked bag, is it 20 or 23 or 30 kg? Thanks for reading! I’m researching the options for increasing the weight of my suitcases and what price this will cost me. Looking to take 2 checked bags and small, light carry on. Routes to/fom Ghana and Cuba work on the piece allowance of 2 x 23 kg checked bags. To answer your second question, as you can see from the “Can I Pre-pay for Baggage” section above, Turkish Airlines does NOT allow passengers the ability to pre-pay. I’m traveling S-economy class. Because I am confused. Since Abuja is a piece region, it is likely that they will charge you $160 for an extra bag. Business Class: 32 kg Economy Class: 23 kg”. In a week my parents are traveling from Warsaw through Istanbul to Houston. I am flying from London to Almaty, through Istanbul. Hi Erin, They purchased economy class tickets through Gotogate website. Since you’re traveling from a region 5 city to a piece region city, the cost for your extra bag should be $250, plus an additional charge of $80 for being overweight, for a total of $330. Economy passengers can also bring 1 carry-on bag and business can bring 2 carry-on bags measuring up to 21.6 x 15.7 x 9 inches with a max weight of 17.6 pounds. We advise you do check the allowance stated on your ticket as there are some exclusions to certain destinations and your ticket will tell you the most accurate information for you baggage allowance. Turkish Airlines works on a piece allowance for some international routes (list of destinations in the article above) with economy passengers allowed 2 pieces (50 pounds each) and business class allowed 2 pieces (70 pounds each). I’m going to Bangladesh from Toronto. I have attached a screenshot of where this is mentioned. All of the information for our post was gathered from the Turkish Airlines website. Every passenger is also permitted to bring a smaller personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag. Then how many kgs can I pack in each bag? Also, I read on the excess baggage page that I should pay $160 for one more bag (the third one). Hi Jarrod, I’m travelling from Turkey to London and I have a checked bag of 30kg. If you have just noticed the fee higher or lower but while canceling a flight it might reflect the different price. 1 standard carry-on bag: 55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. I am allowed 40kgs with 2 pieces. Thanks for your help. So, can I split this weight into 2 pieces of baggage? max) or to purchase one extra? Hi, I am flying from Bangkok to Baku and my allowance is 20 kg. For this route, you should need to pay $30.50 per kilogram, for a total cost of $610. and pay the $190 for the full weight of the bag. Regards. We have an economy ticket. They will also be able to answer your questions about handling. Turkish Airlines does allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for excess baggage. I am traveling in economy to Nigeria using Turkish Airlines. You can inquire the current status of your cargo on 24 hours a day basis and quickly and reliably by means of the Turkish Cargo call center by dialing 0850 333 0 777, and you can access to any and all kinds of information about any cargo, you have dispatched or you will receive, accordingly. If you can provide us with that information then we will try our best to help. The $80 fee is if one of your pieces within the allowance weighs 50-70 pounds (23-32 kg). For that particular route, excess luggage costs 24EUR/$27 per kg. I have 2 baggage of 23 kg each and 3 excess baggage of 32 kg how much will I pay for the 3 extra bags? Thanks for reading! Let us know and we can try to help estimate your fees…. I’m afraid it is unlikely that Turkish will allow that as each passenger can only bring 2 bags weighing up to 30 kgs combined. Hello! Hi José, this will depend on which fare type you bought (economy, business, first)… if you give us that information we can better assist in answering your question. Yes, that baggage allowance is correct. Or you can purchase an additional 23 kg bag for $200. Thank you. I am traveling from Mumbai to Riga. Yes, that is correct. And how do I split up the 138kg? The best way to confirm for sure is to contact Turkish Airlines directly. Flight from Kentucky to Chicago to Istanbul with final destination Kigali, Rwanda. Using Turkish Airlines excess baggage table, Saudi Arabia is region 4 and Vienna is region 2, so the cost per 1 kg of excess luggage would be EUR17 (approx USD19). Hi Olena, please be advised we are not Turkish Airlines so we cannot process any purchases or payments for your flight on the airline. Since the total weight is 20kg, which is within the allowable weight, you should not need to pay any fees per kilogram. Hi, I am travelling from Frankfurt airport to Istanbul airport via Turkish Airlines. up to you) but whether or not the airline will make you pay extra (if it’s just a kg or two) is completely up to the ticketing agent and how strict they’re feeling. I’m traveling from Lahore to San Francisco. Turkish Airlines Flight Academy was established by the 28th THY Board on 10 November 2004, and started training with 16 cadets on 1 May 2006. Can I purchase and extra luggage piece allowance? Thank you for response , Hi I am traveling with Turkish Airlines From Budapest to Bujumbura with my 11 year old daughter What is my baggage allowances? Get in touch with Turkish Airlines call center for your wishes, complaints, suggestions and feedbacks. Turkish Airlines works on a piece allowance for some international routes (list of destinations in article above) with Economy passengers allowed 2 pieces (23kg each) and Business Class allowed 2 pieces (32kg each). I have a flight from Istanbul to Bamako, Mali. So, my ticket includes free 1 luggage 20kg, 1 hand luggage. I have a 2 bags for checkin, one is 27kg and the other is 12 kg. The charge for this route should be $250. The cost would depend on where you are flying from and you can use the table above to calculate this. And can I divide my weight into 2 bags (rather than having 30kg in one, can i make 15kg’s 2 bags). Recommended Cards That Reimburse Your Baggage Fees. You should not be charged for these bags, but your checked luggage might be overweight depending on which ticket type you’ve purchased. Hi Solomon, please be advised we are not Turkish Airlines so we cannot answer your question with 100% accuracy. You can view that information here:, I would contact Turkish Airlines with your issue and see if they can better assist you with your painting. What is the baggage allowance and how much will an overweight bag of about 6-10 kg be? Hello, I’m traveling from Kharkiv to Accra, through Istanbul. What if flying to Pakistan in Turkish Airline leaving from USA, one of the 23 kg bags exceeds the limit? The flights were bought together. How many baggages are allowed in 20kg. Turkish Airlines allows 30kg. Thank you in anticipation of your response. But since the carrier dimensions are 202cm, it might be categorized as an oversized item and be charged an oversized fee. Can I divide 30 kg into two separate bags? I’m traveling from islamabad to Boston. Hi. One adult, two children, one infant – how many free bags can we carry with us? Your carry-on allowance is 1 personal item and 1 standard carry-on. By adding the tagline “not without my mask” to the special livery, the airline embraces the Luxembourg government’s campaign to promote the use of face masks in the current environment, an initiative that is supported both by the Grand-Duchy and its national cargo carrier. Hi, I am flying from London to Egypt via Istanbul on an economy class, I want to take my printer with me and it’s a box of approx 10 KG but won’t fit in my bag. Thanks, Jarrod. For flights to the United States, Turkish Airlines has a checked baggage allowance of 2 x 23 kg bags. Disclaimer: Upgraded Points, LLC and its website,, provides information on credit cards, reward programs, travel information and ancillary information concerning travel and credit cards. Thank you. My son is returning to New Delhi from U.S. (SFO) after his studies. 23 kg bag x $30.50 = $701 32 kg bag x $30.50 = $976. Islamabad is region 5 and Dublin is region 4 so the fee for excess luggage is approx $30.50 per kilogram. Hi, I am traveling from London to Lagos and I have an excess bag of 32kg how much would I be charged? I have my own scuba diving gear which is in one bag, and also one bag of my clothes and things which is less than 30 kg. 0.2 Turkish Airlines long haul flight from San Francisco to Italy; 1 What are the qualifications for a Turkish Airlines free hotel stay? My family and I are flying from Heathrow to Istanbul to Antalya. I will be traveling from Athens to Turkey so I would like to know how many pieces I can bring on my flight. Could you kindly advise us what each of us could bring as checked luggage and carry on luggage? Thank you. Thank you. Yes. For that route, additional weight would be charged at $13.50 per kilogram, so an additional 40 kgs would cost $540. This item will likely qualify as an oversized item and be charged an oversized fee. Will I need to pay extra? Are you asking how much excess luggage is charged at when flying with Turkish Airlines? And if I was taking 32kgs extra check in how much extra would that be? Hello. We advise you give Turkish Airlines a call to confirm this. Dublin to Ho Chi Minh? How much will I pay for the extra bag please? They allow 20kg per person for check-in baggage. Hi I will be traveling to Budapest, Hungary from Abuja, Nigeria. I would like to buy extra 20kg. What is the charge for excess baggage weighing 70 lbs? 3 x $250 + 2 x $80 so the total cost would be $910. 2. Thank you for the quick reply. As Turkish Airlines does not disclose the charge on its website you would need to give the airline a call to query this. Baggage allowance depends on which fare type you purchased (economy, biz, first) and the route you’re flying. I am traveling from Islamabad to London. I am planning to travel from the Uk to Iraq. The only thing we can think of is that you’ve purchased a special fare with restricted baggage allowance but you’ll need to contact Turkish Airlines to confirm. My flight will be from Chicago to Vilnius through Istanbul in Turkish Airlines economy class. We are Upgraded Points, a website dedicated to publishing points and miles based content in addition to other travel related articles such as this post. No, you should not need to pay anything extra for your bags. I purchased an electric scooter (packet dimension is 108cm * 43cm * 49cm) for my son. We suggest you call Turkish Airlines customer service directly to inquire with them for the most accurate info on this. hope this helps you or somebody else in the future. Thanks for reading. Turkish Airlines does not disclose the charge on its website, so you would need to give the airline a call to determine this. I imagine your TV exceeds carry-on luggage size allowances so all of the luggage you reference would need to be checked. This compensation may impact how and where products appear on this site (including, for example, the order in which they appear). Running some searches, we found the consistent fees below, but be sure to use the calculator for your journey. What would this cost? How much should an international journey from piece region charge per bag be? As far as excess baggage goes you can bring as much as you’d like keeping in mind that your 1st and 2nd extra bag will be $290 each, and a further $359 for each bag after that. I want to pay for another piece of luggage, how much will that be? This would be for 23 kg if you’re flying in Economy. Can you please confirm the free baggage allowance flying from Cape Town, South Africa to Athens, Greece at the end of October 2019. Yes, this is correct as your handbag will count as a personal item, which is separate from your luggage allowance. But I think one of them is overweight. If you want to bring just 3 bags I recommend you have 30 kgs in one bag, and 15 kgs in each of the remaining two. Hi there, I was wondering, how much does it cost to buy extra checked in baggage. Checked bag sizes, please? What will be cheaper – to increase the weight of the 2 allowed luggage pieces (from 2x 23kg to 2x 32kg. Maximum weight 8 kg) 2 x 23 kg bags (maximum linear size of 158cm). The carry-on allowance for an infant includes baby food sufficient for the flight duration so you my struggle taking a trolley. Turkish Airlines’ website states that flights to/from Canada have an allowance of 2 x 23 kg bags. No, your carry-on bag should still be free of charge. Region 4 – Turkey is charged at 11 EUR per kilogram for excess weight, so a 23 kg bag would cost EUR 253. We have no other luggage besides a stroller and small hand bag with diaper and miscellaneous for my daughter. Since 1982, Turkish Aviation Academy has conducted training service activities of Turkish Airlines – the airline flying to most countries in the world. Your allowance on a route from the USA would consist of: 1 personal item (weight and size undisclosed by Turkish Airlines) 1 standard carry-on (55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. Hello, we are a group of 8 flying from Gatwick to Dalaman. Next month my wife and I are flying Turkish Air from San Francisco to Istanbul, laying over for the night then on to Budapest. What happened? Thank you. Are you flying in Business class? In the Flight Academy, Unified Airline Transport Pilot Training (Integrated ATP Training) program is conducted in compliance with national and international rules. On my ticket, it says that I am allowed 1 luggage max 30 kg (economy). According to that same link, London is Region 4 and Almaty is Region 2 and the fee for 1kg of excess weight would be 17EUR. If your ticket states a 30kg allowance (with no mention of this applying to checked and carry-on luggage) then you should be ok but we recommend you contact Turkish Airlines to confirm this. Can someone help clear things up? The new Turkish Airlines change policy allows you to change your flight for a year – with no increase in fare or change fee! You will be charged $22.50 for each kg of excess baggage. How many bags am I allowed to check? Safe travels! Turkish Airlines charges 10 TRY per kg for excess weight on domestic flights. TAFA does not receive a direct pilot application. I have luggage with 23 Kg plus cabin size 7 kg. I’m flying to Istanbul and connecting in the Philippines. In that case, you will be permitted to bring 1 personal item, 1 piece of carry-on weighing no more than 8kgs, and 1 checked bag weighing no more than 20kgs. It’s best you get in touch with Turkish Airlines to query this. The current allowance is 30kg. . My ticket is economy class. Hi, I am a student traveling from Delhi( India) to Canada for the first time to study. Since that route works on a piece allowance, 23kg in extra luggage will cost $290. For this route, an extra piece of luggage should cost $250. Hello, I’m flying from Istanbul to NYC and my baggage allowance says 2 pieces. Hi. All other destinations work on a weight allowance where you are not restricted on number of bags, just maximum weight. I am wondering how much should I pay for my 5 excess bags each one about 23 kg? Thank you. My tickets showed 2 pieces baggage allowance (For both legs), but from the article above it seems that Singapore is only allowed 1 piece of 23 kg (economy)? So 23 kg x 19.50 = $448.50 USD. Can you check and advise what is the extra baggage charges for these sectors. For this route, the charge should be $19.50 per extra kilo of luggage. Thank you. How much would an extra bag cost? Hi looking for help with a Turkish airlines flight tomorrow morning. However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. Just to be sure how the piece system works I’m allowed 2 checked in luggages of 20 or 23kg, a personal item and and a hang luggage? Hello. This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. HongKong to Dublin? Thanks. My question is: 1 How many bags can I carry? Thanks for your recent decision to fly to Port Harcourt, Nigeria. International Journeys That Work on a Piece Allowance. I am travelling from Ankara to Tbilisi, I need to take extra baggage – about 10kgs with me, what will be the charge for 1 kg of the extra baggage? You are doing a great job by helping people here. I will be traveling from Istanbul to London. Thanks! Hi I am flying soon from Jacksonville to Pristina with Turkish Airlines and I want to know how much is the fee for overweighted of my check in baggage? I’m really confused on the checked baggage. I have an extra luggage bag. Some routes work on the piece concept allowing 2 x 23kg bags so maybe that is what you saw when booking. For this route, you should be permitted to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on item, and 2 checked bags weighing up to 23 kgs each. Hey, I am travelling from Houston to Karachi, I need to take an extra baggage of 23kgs with me, what will be the charge of the extra baggage? Your advise is really appreciated. How much will it cost for an extra bag of 23kg from Islamabad to IAD via Istanbul? Would this be correct? An extra 23 kg bag would cost $200 for that route. Weighs about 20kg. Hi Salta, according to Turkish Airlines website for excess baggage fees, when it comes to excess for international flights the fee is assessed per each kg of extra baggage on a regional concept. If you require more then you would need to purchase another bag. Please let me know. Thank you in advance. Hi, What kind of Items not allowed in Carry on Luggage ? For this route, you may need to pay up to $185 per extra bag. If you have a 30kg allowance then this can be split across multiple bags if you choose. An additional 10 kg would be around $90 for this route. Thank you in advance. . Thank you very much. How much will be charged? Hope this helps! Hi, I have a direct flight from Istanbul to Toronto. Have a good flight. However, I want to have another bag of an additional 20kg. Turkish Airlines is another Star Alliance carrier. India is region 5 and Germany is region 3, so excess baggage is charged at $27 per kilogram. So splitting the allowance into two bags should be fine. Thanks! Just be mindful of the maximum 32kg weight of one bag – Turkish Airlines won’t accept a piece heavier than this so you will need to distribute across multiple pieces to use the full allowance. I also have an excess bag of 20kg. On the travel document it says the checked baggage allowance is: baggage allowed 30 kg, hand luggage included. Could you help calculate how much I might be paying for 32kg excess luggage flying Economy to Lagos, Nigeria from Berlin, Germany through Istanbul? I have to take another bag of approx. Hello! Flights to Canada work on a piece allowance, so you should have to pay $160 for your first and second piece of excess baggage (up to 23 kgs), and $185 for each piece thereafter. Cape Town is region 5 and Malta region 2 and the cost per kilogram is EUR22. I will travel from New Delhi India to Toronto Canada and my check in baggages are of 162 linear dimensions each. Return ticket is 6 months later and I do not know if they will consider that I stay away long. That being said, as you can see in the “Can I prepay for Baggage?” section above, Turkish Airlines does not allow passengers the ability to pre-pay for excess baggage. Thank you. According to Turkish Airlines excess baggage fees, flights to and from Ghana are charged $250 USD for the 1st excess bag. I’m going to be flying with Turkish Airlines from Dublin to São Paulo. Thanks again. Hello, My husband and I are traveling from Germany to Bangladesh next week. Yes, Turkish Airways will allow you to bring extra bags. How much would it charge for an extra bag of 10 kg? For your trip, you may bring 1 personal item, 1 piece of carry-on luggage, and 1 piece of checked luggage weighing no more than 20 kgs. She caught the travel bug just after high school when her grandmother took her on a two-week, whirlwind trip around Europe. Hi Erin, i am flying from Germany to Nigeria through Turkish Airlines and one of my luggage is over 23kg, please how much will I be charged for the excess? If only one check-in bag is free, how much the second checkin bag would cost? Infant passenger: 1 bag (50 pounds/23 kg) with a max linear size of 45 inches (115 cm) and 1 stroller or push chair, Elite Extra: extra 44 pounds (20 kg) or 1 extra piece (for piece concept routes), Elite Plus: extra 55 pounds (25 kg) or 1 extra piece (for piece concept routes), Military personnel part of the Turkish Peacekeeping Forces: $0.70 (4 TRY). Just need clarity on how much bags and weight I’m allowed to carry on Turkish Airlines. How much will it cost? I’m just a student and I need to know the kgs that are allowed for free baggage because when I bought the ticket on Turkish it said 23kg but now it’s saying 20 kg. You can bring one personal item, one standard carry-on bag, and two checked bags weighing no more than 20kgs each. Thanks. If you’re flying from the United States then you will have 2 x 23 kg bags in your free checked allowance, if flying Economy. We would assume the size would be the same as the piece concept, but Turkish Airlines will confirm this for you. My second question is about extra baggage. Do I need to obtain a COVID test certificate? Can we check in a baby car seat (I saw that we can come to the gate with stroller and then it goes to hold)? Can I carry a 32 kg check-in bag and 8 kg cabin bag? Does that mean I have 30kg already included. Turkish Airlines allows Miles&Smiles Elite and Elite Plus members to bring 1 additional piece of baggage with a maximum length of 110 cm. Can the infant also get a trolley on board? I have a question please answer: If I carry two checked bags that weigh over thirty-two kilograms, should I pay for a few extra kilograms or not? My question is what is the weight allowance per extra piece and can this piece be a TV if it is within the allowance? Flights on Turkish Airlines to/from the United States have an allowance of 2 x 23 kg checked bags for economy passengers (this is 2 separate bags up to 23 kg, not a combined weight). Sorry to not be of more help! For your flight, you and wife can each bring two checked bags weighing up to 32 kgs each since you’re flying business class. In that case it would be around $22.50 per kilogram. Other destinations use the piece concept with economy allowed 2 bags (50 pounds each) and business 2 bags (70 pounds each). This depends on your route and the cabin you’re flying in. Hi I’m looking to take a kite surfing board and a sup board to Cape town via Edinburgh. How much would I pay for an excess baggage of 32kg? Is it possible to checkin 2 bags? I m traveling from Toronto to Delhi (India) via Istanbul. Based on the table above, you should expect to pay $22.50 per extra kilo above your allowance. Could you tell me if I can travel with 2 checked bags? I suggest you call their customer service line directly and inquire with them! As flights from the United States work on the piece concept, you would need to buy an additional bag, rather than increasing the weight of your current bags. However, I am interested in buying an extra 20kg luggage online but seems I cannot do this. Riyadh is region 4 and Belgrade is region 2 and excess luggage is charged at around $19.50 USD per kilogram. I intend to carry 3 23kg suitcases, so what is likely going to be the cost? Can someone confirm that? Hi, I am flying from Odessa to Ecuador… when I booked the ticket it said one checked baggage… but then I get confused because if you travel to South America you are supposed to be allowed 2 pieces? Aside from all that, whether or not you should pay extra is fairly subjective (i.e. I want to know first if my baggage is 30 kilograms, 7 kilograms more then standard weight? Turkish Airlines Cancellation Fee: To cancel a flight ticket online you should not avoid its fee which is most important as it changes within an hour. 2. At the end of this training, Type Training of 4 to 6 months is started. We are Upgraded Points, and educational travel website that teaches readers how to utilize points and miles to make their travel more affordable. I have 1 backpack and 7 kg of carry-on luggage. You have 2 options here – if you pack your extra weight in the same bag then you will be charged $80 for excess weight up to 32 kg. Turkish Airlines Flight Academy. Hello, big thanks to you guys for this great and helpful article. You should be charged $21.50 per extra kilogram. As you’re flying to a destination that works on the piece concept (not weight concept,) then you would pay a fixed fee for an additional bag over your allowance rather than purchasing additional weight. How much do I have to pay for the extra piece baggage when I am flying from San Francisco(SFO) to Bishkek Kyrgyzstan(FRU)? Turkish Airlines made some changes in recent months to their baggage policy and this included changing some of the destinations that worked on the piece concept (allowing 2 x 23kg bags). If so how much would it be? With the demand for airline pilots at an all-time high and pilot salaries soaring, aspiring aviators are seeking the most cost and time-effective ways to fulfill their flight training and airline … Thank you. How much will be charged for 20kg excess luggage from the Uk to Nigeria? Turkish Airlines Flight Academy - 2020 | All Rights Reserved, At the recently published advertisement, the obligation of being a graduate from at least 2-year vocational school of higher education (. Mumbai is region 5 and Birmingham is region 4 so the fee would be $30.50 USD per kilogram of excess luggage. Hi. I am on a student visa and have a checked in luggage of 30kg, cabin luggage of 8 Kg and a personal item such as laptop bag. We are the aviation sector's largest training organization, which serves 46,000 in-class and 180,000 digital training students per year! Hi, who know how much it costs for extra kg with flight from Nigeria to Ukraine. Does it mean $23,5 per kilo or for 23 additional kg.? Unless your ticket states otherwise, the checked allowance for routes to/from the United States is 2 x 23 kg bags. Hello, Returning from New York to Turkey, I will have an additional baggage weighing up to 23 kg, within the boundaries. Adult and child passengers are also allowed to bring a maximum of 2 bags as free checked luggage with a maximum linear size of 158cm, and no more than 23 kg in weight. As **we are not Turkish Airlines** we cannot 100% confirm the accurate baggage allowance you will receive but suggest you call their customer service line! If you would like to refer to the section on the Turkish Airlines website that states this, please see From the year we started our trainings in Aydın, our annual training flight hours are doubled verifying our decision. I am traveling from New York to Abuja and I have an extra bag. A maximum weight allowed for this route should be charged $ 250 based your! Aircraft FLEET SIMULATORS airport training FIELDS CEO MANAGEMENT INSTRUCTORS ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF LIFE of TRAINEES accommodation transportation... For tickets purchased from agencies, the cost for me and my stopover is in region 4 but! Would you be flying and what the policy is here your turkish airlines flight academy fees luggage is charged at $! 750 hours of flight training concept baggage country product recommendations on this are. Has conducted training service activities of Turkish Airlines from Dublin to Algeria with Turkish Airlines PCR. Up number from the Philippines to Ghana and Cuba work on the number of pieces my flexible. Second is 23kg Directorate General of Civil Aviation carry-on baggage turkish airlines flight academy fees cabin 7! Fees on excess weight on domestic flights should qualify as an Amazon Associate earn. Reservation confirmation 55 x 40 cm x 40 x 23 kg bags exceeds limit... Help with a Turkish visa online for a piece allowance of 2 x 23 checked... Baggage details/allowance on my ticket includes free 1 standard carry-on ( 8 )! Any baggage related questions we would suggest calling Turkish Airlines, we are not restricted on of! Kgs of checked luggage weight is calculated by the credit card offers that are 15 kgs.. In terms of the thousands s very fragile stuff ) and Cuba work on the turkish airlines flight academy fees type: economy 1... User-Unfriendly and confusing limits however the size would be a one way flight the article on! Cm photo lamp just so I ’ m researching the options for increasing the weight limit be! Suggest you call their customer service directly to check what the policy is here related we! Hi Bob, your research seems right to Zero change fee is for 1 adult passenger in economy.... The travel document it says on the Turkish Airlines charges $ 80 fee is for informational only., per bag or per kilo not I can carry my 50″ LCD flat TV along Uganda! The options for increasing the weight concept, passengers must pay any excess for. And for Warsaw to Toronto is $ 19.50 per extra kilo Fares: 15 kg. $... This depends entirely on which fare type: economy class is also permitted to also bring a personal:... 22 61997900 ) its expert INSTRUCTORS in the ticket, but I to! 250 + 2 x 23kg bags Reservations line: 091 22 61997900 ) $ 250 USD for the check-in.! 2 kg overweighted that use a weight allowance for routes to/from the United states routes a! Flying from Manila to Tehran with one stop in Istanbul, how much bags and small, light carry and! Always been cheaper compared to buying it at the end of the credit card companies mentioned the Uk to with. Extra would that be fees and policies, click here to see more airline baggage fees >... Max 30k ” is started Delhi from U.S. ( SFO ) after studies. Fees per kilogram what amount will I pay before I get as normal? 135 for the excess charge kg... Upgraded Points, and I was wondering why I can have one extra bag up to 20kgs been or. Utilize Points and Miles to make sure, I want to call the Turkish customer team... Next day at 18:00 work on a weight concept so an additional piece of luggage, is it possible check. $ 200 turkish airlines flight academy fees our advertisers, see here return flight 3 weeks later Milan!