Nathan Allen, Poets & Quants • November 16, 2020. Business and society explores the dual goals of improving economic performance while integrating social and corporate values. Primary area depths represent the key functional areas of business and correspond to our school’s faculty departments. In East Asian studies, study an East Asian language (Chinese, Korean, or Japanese). Classics offers joint majors if you have strong interest in an area such as English. Courses combine experimental and theoretical methods of studying, ranging from molecules and cells to organisms and populations. Atlanta is a vibrant arts city and provides the perfect backdrop to pursue these studies, land internships, and start a career. Supporting students who may already have a start-up idea and those curious about the field of study for future opportunities, explore the knowledge and skills needed to evaluate and launch a successful business. Economics and mathematics prepares you for math-intensive doctoral economics programs or quantitatively oriented MBA programs. Customize your coursework from multiple departments, pursue interships, and contribute a senior project under the mentorship of a faculty advisior. Applied mathematics and statistics provides training in both statistical analysis and quantitative research. In environment and sustainability management, focus on the history, politics, and practice of the environmental fields. Study the languages, literature, culture, and influence of the ancient world. As a result, Major Waidzulis also received the MBA Certificate of Advanced Leadership. Health is a universal human good and a major contemporary challenge to humanity. Designed to prepare a thoughtful and engaged citizenry, the Philosophy, Politics, Law major is excellent preparation for law school and careers in law and public policy. Graduates with an area depth in marketing have obtained positions involving product and brand management, digital and interactive marketing, e-business, advertising and marketing communications, marketing research and customer insights, customer relationship management, pricing, sales and account management, and consulting. Theater studies includes courses in acting, the history of the theater, and theater design. This program provides a breadth and focus not found in traditional biology, psychology, neuroscience, or anthropology programs, bringing together the expertise and enthusiasm of a diverse group of faculty from across majors. Hindi-Urdu is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Engage in the academic analysis of organizations to discover how and why organizations behave the way they do. This major is for students interested in pursuing a graduate career in cognitive psychology, linguistics, communication, cognitive science, or speech and hearing sciences. Businessweek recently ranked Goizueta's undergraduate accounting program #3 in the U.S., and roughly one-third of our BBAs acquire a concentration in accounting. Courses will enhance your ability to identify relevant information and patterns, with an emphasis on analyzing, optimizing, monitoring, and controlling. Build a program unique to your interests in these fields, and participate in the vibrant intellectual life of each department. The study of mathematics helps in the development of general analytical thinking skills and problem-solving abilities. The semester or year-long program called EDUCO—one of the few programs of its kind—allows you to take classes in a variety of subjects at the University of Paris. The Spanish major teaches students the languages, texts, and cultures of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking worlds, including Spain, Latin America, and the US. In your future career as a professional, when deciding whether to allocate capital you will have to analyze and predict future performance and risks for firms. Philosophy courses challenge you to consider yourself and the world you live in with a critical eye, with a consideration of fundamental questions about issues of human existence. Besides students whose interest is a career in marketing, this program is popular for students interested in general management careers, as well as in the media and entertainment field or management consulting. Coursework includes evolution and animal behavior, developmental biology, systems neuroscience, scientific communication, and ethics. Learn the practice of nursing in clinical and classroom settings and participate in domestic or international service learning opportunities, too. Students are engaged in an endeavor that spans the full process, from conceiving an idea to opening night. Secondary area depths are interdisciplinary offerings that highlight some of the unique ways Goizueta BBA students can augment their academic experience. Quantitative science meets the increasing demand for research and analytical skills to interpret data, providing training that is quantitatively rigorous but with a focus on real-world applications. Italy has the cultures, landscapes, and histories to fill a lifetime of investigation. They are exposed to all aspects of theater: performance, history, literature, criticism, design and technical theater, and theater administration. These skills coordinate well with using algorithm analysis to solve problems with computers. You may be seeing this page because you used the Back button while browsing a secure web site or application. Careers in fields as diverse as business, law, education, or art are increasingly geared toward international interests and concerns, so a background in Korean is indispensable in today's global environment. Students explore the dual goals of improving economic performance while simultaneously integrating social and corporate values. Biophysics bridges the subjects of biology and physics. , Three tracks are available: engineering physics, materials science (which includes chemistry courses), and geosciences (which includes courses in environmental science). Accounting is the language of business, and fluency in financial reporting, the legal environment, and taxation should be part of your vocabulary. The program prepares students for employment in many public policy, data-oriented fields, or for graduate study in political science, law, or public policy. The civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome continue to influence our values, the way we think, and the questions we ask today. Sustainability is the intersection of social, environmental, and economic issues. Atlanta, GA 30322-1016, 'Major' If you focus your studies in marketing, you will select from electives that develop your toolkit to analyze customers and market opportunities, assess and create marketing strategies, and implement marketing programs. Major Waidzulis joined the Army in 2008 and has led soldiers, paratroopers, and rangers in over 300 combat operations. Corporate managers prefer the advice of accounting information experts who understand the organization as a whole and the strategic and tactical problems of senior management. Courses span the history, politics, and practice of the arts field of your choice. Learn to approach science from nontraditional directions or through interdisciplinary connections such as science and literature, science writing, and science and the arts. Learn to think critically about language and linguistic research, describe and apply linguistic principles and methods, and communicate effectively orally and in writing. Computer informatics focuses on how people interact daily with information technology. You'll have the option to spend time abroad participating in archaeological projects or in other Emory programs in Israel, Turkey, Greece, and Italy. Anthropology is the holistic study of human beings as biological and cultural organisms in both the past and present. Community building and social change introduces you to the challenges and opportunities for revitalizing and strengthening communities in contemporary urban America. Applied mathematics deals with mathematical methods used in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry. Many students graduate to join banking firms on Wall Street, and other common career paths include corporate finance and investment management. Our Professional Accounting (CPA) concentration is taken by students preparing for professional careers in accounting. The environmental sciences program challenges students to look at the ecological and social foundations of environmental issues and the complex interaction among them locally and globally. Develop place-based knowledged and understanding of how unintended consequences shape our lives in an increasingly complex world. The civilization and cultural achievements of ancient Greece and Rome continue to influence our values, the way we think, and the questions we ask today. Business administration prepares you for a lot more than a career in business—it's training for life. You can use your flexible and non-business classes you need by planning carefully and working with advisors in both the business school. Train to be a nurse and earn a BSN. The German Studies program covers cultural, literacy, language and historical topics relevant to the German-speaking world. The Accounting area depth gives you critical skills to help you make complex decisions in an ever-changing environment. ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Emory University’s Goizueta Business School has announced it will make 19 MBA courses available to professionals who are not enrolled as Goizueta MBA students. Classics offers joint majors if you have strong interest in an area such as philosophy. Look for patterns in how living organisms survive, adapt, and grow and learn to analyze them with mathematics and physics. The Real Estate depth is centered in the Finance department. African American studies embraces academic excellence and social responsibility through pursuing knowledge across subject areas and engagement with local, national, and international communities of African descent. Coursework includes language (Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Tibetan) along with courses in history, the arts, and comparative culture. Get equipped with the analytical skills and practical expertise necessary to excel in finance careers. Physics, the science dealing with energy, matter, and their interactions, is offered for students who wish to major in physics, mathemetics, computer science, or chemistry, and for students who seek a pre-engineering curriculum. Our goal in the Finance area is to provide you with a strong framework for financial decision making, from the Nobel Prize-winning models of the early theorists to the state-of-the-art methodologies of today. Take a look at the many directions in which your studies can lead you. Finance/Accounting major at Emory. Finance Major / Minor The curriculum in finance is designed to equip you with the analytical skills and practical expertise necessary to excel in finance careers. At Emory, you’ll build a strong foundation in economic theory and gain experience, putting your knowledge into practice. If I apply to Emory I'll be applying for early decision. Marketing is concerned with creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Visual arts combines studio art practice with the history and theory of art. Majors and minors are not limited by specializing in one area. Gain perspective to meet challenges and opportunities arising from a complex interplay of political, environmental, social, historical and cultural systems. Become a discerning viewer and thinker about the most influential cultural forms of the 20th and 21st centuries. View a list of Emory College majors. The purpose of this degree program is to enhance the quantitative and analytic preparation of students choosing to study business at Emory. The interdisciplinary curriculum relies on classroom learning, field study, internships, research, and study abroad programs to help you develop skills in tackling real world issues. If a student wants to pursue a double major with the BBA and QSS major with a College track , this would require an additional set of electives in the College track. Explore the Lusophone (Portuguese-speaking) world with language and culture study in this minor. The academic study of religion is an intellectual endeavor first and foremost, but it also involves the consideration of questions about fundamental issues of human existence. This program investigates the topics of women, gender, and sexuality from an inclusive perspective that takes into consideration factors such as socioeconomic status, race, and national identity. English courses offer a broad range of study, from writing to literature in its many forms, including poetry, drama, myth, fiction, fantasy, science fiction, Shakespeare, and Southern literature. The major in Chinese studies combines extensive language training with in-depth study of Chinese literature, culture, and society. Expose yourself to a broad range of information in the study of language from the perspectives of physiology, cognition, meaning, society, and culture. Our BBA is designed to empower and motivate you to make a significant, positive contribution to your company, your community, and the world. Regulation and Innovative Finance for Sustainable Energy Rafael Leal-Arcas, Michalis Kanakakis, George Thanos, Gemma Fearnley | 34 Emory Int'l L. Rev. Fluency in financial reporting, the legal environment, and taxation should be part of your vocabulary. Explore how to power social change and contribute to building community partnerships that advance health. Members of our faculty play visible roles on the editorial boards of leading academic journals including the Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of International Business Studies, Organization Science, Strategic Management Journal, and Strategic Organization. Focusing on language and culture, Emory provides opportunities to enhance your Arabic studies, such as a North African Studies summer program, an eight-week intensive Arabic summer course at a Moroccan university, and semester abroad programs. Our program focuses on fundamental computing concepts and general programming principles. If you enjoy math and the sciences, you will likely enjoy the structured way of thinking in finance. Explore sustainable development of energy and natural resources, and assessment of adaptation and mitigation strategies for potential natural hazards, such as intense storms and flooding. These classes are offered in an atmosphere designed to invite lively intellectual exchange. 'Preprofessional Program', Playwriting (Creative Writing and Theater Studies), 'Major' Gain the skills to apply knowledge and the courage to act based on what you know. 'Preprofessional Program', 'Major' The Finance Division aims to further a sustainable financial framework that fosters innovation by finding new ways to provide Emory University with superior financial services and pursues appropriate resource deployment to best support academic and research success. This program embodies a community of students, scholars, and teachers committed to the study of ethics in all of its dimensions. Within this major, however, students can select one to two Area Depths which more closely align with their interests, such as Finance, Accounting or […] This program focuses on the challenges and complexities of Earth system processes that sustain the growing human population. The Summer in Paris six-week program immerses you in language study and cultural activities while you live with a French family. Explore the wide variety of approaches to art and how that blends with studio art. Specified electives in the depth focus on one or more aspects of international relationships, such as formulating global strategies, understanding and reporting global transactions, dealing with the complexities of global trade and finance, and marketing across geographic boundaries. The finance area depth gives students a strong framework for financial decision making, from the Nobel Prize-winning models of the early theorists to the state-of-the-art methodologies of today. The program combines the study of public policy with the power of data analysis, empowering students to make decisions and leverage opportunities. Faculty make use of both traditional and emerging pedagogical approaches to provide students with the most robust learning experience. Suggested Courses; ... Emory College Offices; Emory College Leadership; Department of Political Science. Four courses to include: Either TWO of the following: Contemporary Economic Issues (Econ 309), Business and Government (Econ 341), Environmental Economics and Policy (Econ 365), or Health Policy and Economics (Econ 372) OR six hours of Washington Policy Semester (Econ 494) TWO of the following: Industrial Organization (Econ 405), Public Finance (Econ 434), Economics of Regulation … The Russian and East European studies program combines intensive language acquisition coursework (in Russian or another related language) with coursework in geography, politics, history, and film. , 'Minor' Finance is a concentration in the Goizeuta Business School (B-school). Foundational courses include art, art history, and structured studio courses. The minor in Hebrew introduces students to the language, people, culture, and history of the modern Hebrew-speaking world. If you follow this path, you will join professional accounting firms in their auditing, forensic, tax, or consulting practices. Study the languages, literature, culture, and influence of the ancient world. Acquire the ability to think critically, analyze data, make recommendations, and communicate effectively. American studies considers the patterns of American culture as they have changed over time. Other common career paths include internal audit and financial management in corporations and governmental and not-for-profit entities, as well as careers that focus on a wide range of professional capabilities to serve the business community. In addition, students have the ability to select from a wide range of Emory electives that provide a liberal arts perspective within a global context. Students studying economics at Emory gain a strong theoretical and empirical foundation in economics. The ISOM curriculum is designed to inform a wide range of professions, perhaps most emblematically that of consulting (in which systems and process problems are regularly tackled). Emory undergraduate students may apply to the BBA program once they have earned enough credit hours to have junior standing and have completed BBA pre-requisites.