Long queue to get in. "One of the best gay partys in Berlin besides Berghain and kitkat. Live from Cocktail d’Amore: DJ City Is there a more mythologised weekend party in Berlin than Cocktail d’Amore? Here we are - NEW YEAR, NEW VENUE. For more about the history, essence and music of the CockTail d'Amore party read … During the day there is lounging by the canal and good feelings tha In their five-year run at Griessmuehle, Cocktail D'Amore built something that earned them a cult following and a chapter in the history of Berlin club culture. CockTail d'Amore will celebrate a decade of parties and releases with a new compilation and a book, due out in December. Review: REPRESS ALERT: After two solo releases on Lovefinger's ESP Insitute, and two more 12" as Greenvision (his collaborative project with Trent) Juan Ramos graces Berlin's Cocktail d'Amore Music with a new outstanding EP.A'Incorporeality' and 'Liquid Sky Drone' are both vibrant, hallucinating, trance inducing tracks.Full-on sonic layering and unexpected drum patterns compose these two bangers. Top!" Ratchet Level: MediumMusic: EDM (Live DJ)Price: 16 (Euros)This venue gave me the German club experience I was looking for! One shot in January will be at Horst… but for February we’ll move to a new secret location. It’s certainly hard to imagine anywhere encapsulating that intersection of queerness, freedom, longevity and debauchery quite like the first weekend of the month at Griessmuehle. The legendary Berlin party and collective, who started life as a DIY party in 2009, moving from clubs to illegal venues across the city, found a more stable home in 2014 at the Griessmuehle club. HOLLA! I was referred by a local whom was a Cocktail D’Amore – 10 years! CockTail d’Amore started in september 2009 earning its place as one of Berlin’s top alternative parties. A monthly, weekend-long gathering of dirty queer hipsters along the canal in industrial Neukölln. The dance floors are small and the beats laid down by Boris and Discodromo of local fame. The most vulnerable people, whose vibrancy, labor and creativity makes up queer Berlin nightlife, may not be able to access government aid due to legal status. See 3 photos and 1 tip from 71 visitors to CockTail D'Amore. includes a collection of visual and written entries from the organisation’s fans, as well as photographs, label artwork and video stills. Popular monthly gay-minded Electro party, indoor and outdoor. CockTail d'Amore - Saturday, January 7. first cocktail of 2012 goes back to SATURDAY and will be hosted, as usual, by truly … Cocktail d’Amore Music is supporting the Nightlife Emergency Fund (NEF). 62 talking about this.