The results are analyzed by a Radiologist preferably one that specializes in the exam that has been requested. If the CT scan shows no sign of hemorrhage, it is probable that the patient experienced an ischemic stroke and is a candidate for fibrinolytic therapy. ... and someone explained that the CT Scan … You have probably heard of the CT scan before, or have even been asked to have one performed on you, but have no idea why, or what it means. Besides the obvious reason—an unexpected injury or accident—people wind up incurring an emergency room cost for a number of reasons. These scans are often ordered when doctors need a clear picture of potential damage to internal organs. CT scans are quick and painless, and they provide a vast amount of crucial information in regard to internal injuries specifically as they can detect blood vessels and soft tissues along with bones. Generally when an attending doctor orders a CT or an MRI or any imaging procedure. I injured my head yesterday and since I'm getting worsening symptoms I'll probably need to go to the emergency room. A multi-slice CT scan uses multiple x-rays to produce a single scan. The guideline is published in the October 30, 2007, issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. One of the most famous and widely used technological inventions is the CT scan. In those types of health emergencies, timing is critical. 10. These physicians are under the pressure of the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act passed in 1986, which basically says that if a patient comes to an emergency room, it’s incumbent the physician finds nothing is wrong. Determine whether or not the CT scan shows hemorrhage within 45 minutes of the patient’s arrival at the emergency department. Other parts of the province might have less wait times in some cases. Getting a diagnostic imaging test - a Computerized Tomography (CT) or Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scan - when you are not in an emergency room situation can sometimes take months to get an appointment. However, I asked and they said they will mostly do a CT scan for brain injuries. Evidence shows such scans can help doctors select the right treatment option. Belly pain is not gas, but a ruptured aneurysm. Emergency Room: Go for CT Scans. By Brenda Goodman, ... lab tests or CT scans. An emergency room doctor may need to do a head scan in order to diagnose, treat, and evaluate the damage a person may have suffered. When your medical urgency calls for more information than a standard static X-Ray can provide, a CT scan may be in order. In general, the diagnostic benefit of a CT scan usually outweighs the risk of x-ray radiation exposure or injections of imaging contrast and use of sedatives during the scan. Your Rights in the Emergency Room. All of the convincing on the phone by clinicians can not discourage them from heading to the ER. Knowing that even hypochondriacs get seriously ill sometime, many medical providers are quick to dump them on the ER. My concern is that I've had several X-Rays this year, already exposing me to large amounts of radiation, and a CT scan on top of that I'm really terrified of. The CT scan takes about 15 seconds. The medical world is continually being enhanced thanks to technological inventions. Probable acute ischemic stroke; consider fibrinolytic therapy. ST. PAUL - A guideline developed by the American Academy of Neurology recommends immediate brain CT scans to screen certain emergency room patients with seizures. 7. Those that truly need emergency care. In the event of an emergency, such as an accident, a serious injury, or stroke, doctors can do a CT head scan in the emergency room. Neck pain is meningitis, of course. ... Keep a list of on-call doctors who can see patients in case of an emergency.